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Historic Pueblo, Inc. is a non-profit organization that needs your support. There are several membership levels to accommodate any budget. Click on this banner to Join Today!

Mission Statement

Historic Pueblo, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our historical structures. This preservation is accomplished through direct action and education by way of providing landmark plaques, resource plaques, and roadside markers. It is also accomplished through the support of Pueblo’s Historic Preservation Commission.

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License Plate Design

Contest Deadline

May 1 2015

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City of Pueblo Blight Information Meeting

Thursday, March 26

6:30 p.m.

Rawlings Library, 100 East Abriendo Ave. Ryals Room

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Sanborn Insurance Maps

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Historic Pueblo, Inc. is working to preserve historic features in Pueblo.

Did you know that Pueblo still has a few remaining iron horse tie rings?  How about curbs that have street names stamped into them?  As you walked along our older neighborhoods, did you notice the original sidewalk impressions?  Well, Historic Pueblo, Inc. has, and we are working to preserve them through a landmark designation.  

Pueblo, like many cities developed around the turn of the 20th century, used to have  many horse tie rings along its streets.  Pueblo, unlike many cities, still has examples of them today.  Cities like Woodland, Washington, Rockport, Texas, and even the nation’s Capital horse tie rings are a thing of the past.  Woodland, Washington, removed all of their horse tie rings after someone tripped over one.  However cities like Portland, Oregon, have preserved their few remaining rings.  Portland requires all historic horse tie rings be preserved when new curbing is installed.  

Historic Pueblo, Inc. is looking to do the same thing.  In addition to the preservation of our horse tie rings, we are working to save the curb stamps, sidewalk stamp impressions, and other historic features.  Do you have a horse tie ring, curb  stamp, or other historic feature at your home?  Let Historic Pueblo, Inc. know.  Send us an e-mail to Archivist@HistoricPueblo.org.  

The Historic Pueblo, Inc. website has been updated with a page for each of these features.  Check out what we currently know about at the Horse Tie Ring, Curb Stamp, Ghost Sign, and Sidewalk Stamp pages.  We need your help in cataloging these historic features.  

Colorado Historic Preservation License Plates

Colorao Preservation, Inc. is holding a contest to design a Colorado Hisstoric themed license plate. The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2015. In addition if you have a vehicle registered in Colorado you are eligible to sign the petition to create the plate.
For more Information, Contest rules or to sign the petition for creating the plate - CLICK HERE.

Goodnight Barn GREAT NEWS!

March 11 2015

The Goodnight Barn Preservation Committee has been awarded $20,000 by the Bob and Doris Johnston Foundation! We are excited and grateful for this assistance. The wonderful thing about this is that, according to the study done on the needed work for restoration, this puts us at over 1/3 toward our cash match goal for Phase 1.

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The city of Pueblo has dozens of non-profit organizations. Historic Pueblo, Inc. is one that does not rely on ANY funding from the City or uses taxpayer money.  We are a self-sustaining organization that is funded from memberships and FUNd-raising events. Help us help the preservation efforts in our great city.  We have several membership levels to fit any budget.  Click here to join the preservation efforts.

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Historic Pueblo, Inc. Homeowners with property over 50 years old are eligible to purchase a beautiful bronze plaque customized with the date the home was built. The plaque can be displayed on the exterior of the home to help enhance the appreciation of older homes and the historical aspects of Pueblo. The cost is $99 and includes a complimentary one year membership in Historic Pueblo, Inc. There is a simple one page application to be filled out documenting the age of the home and historic significance, if any. Being a part of the program does not limit the homeowner's ability to alter the property. For ordering information download and mail us the Resource Plaque Application.

There are currently over 25 homes in Pueblo that are proudly displaying the Resource Plaque. Find out which homes are Resourced. You can also check out the homes and businesses that have City, State, or National Landmark status.